Beautiful Picnic Inspired Wedding

For tourists visiting Atlanta, Stone Mountain is a must-see. For a gal raised in the South, the park is part of so many childhood memories. For this shoot, we wanted to explore the possibility of having a romantic, vintage inspired wedding in a place that is so familiar and dear to Atlantans. Infused with a myriad of details, this shoot reflects the best that the South has to offer: tasty food, charming landscape, and a spirit of fun. The shoot also captures what in our mind the perfect picnic wedding would include – lawn games and marshmallows roasted by the fireside. Even more perfect would be for the couple and guests to go on boat rides in the park, and we hint at this with the paddle and boat motifs repeated throughout. For the decor we chose a soft, fresh pattern of peach and mint. We mixed raw, unfinished wood with dainty lace, rusty metal and a gorgeous collection of spring blooms. We included a number of carefully curated vintage pieces from some wonderful Etsy vendors. Enjoy!

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