Mothers Talking to Sons and Daughters About Medical Checkups

Mothers--if you have a teenager who has not been to their doctor in over a year, maybe it is time for change. Did you know that according to the National Foundation of Infectious Diseases, 60% of over 2,000 surveyed teenagers have one reason as to why they do not see their doctors once a year? Millions of US Teens May Be Missing Out on Annual Checkups and the Opportunity to be Screened for Potential Health Risks. Teens faces physical, emotional, and social issues including but not limited to, obesity, eating disorders, substance abuse, and diseases that are transmitted sexually. That is why it is important to have your sons or daughters checked by a medical professional and talk about health information that can help them along the way.

    “There’s a valley in our healthcare continuum, and two out of three teens surveyed said they have at least one reason for not getting an annual checkup,” says Susan J. Rehm, MD, NFID medical director. “If we understand why, we may be better equipped to address those perceptions.” For more information on the survey conducted by NFID or any other medical-related information, visit Be a prime example for your teenage son or daughter.

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