Cross-Cultural Understanding in the Workplace

In society, we meet many people of different backgrounds of religion, ethnicity, race, gender identity/expression, sex, and marital status. It is of importance to treat people with respect in the workplace, even if one has different views. Sodexo, a global company dedicated to improving lives across the world, talks about The workplace of tomorrow and issues that go on in the workplace, from health issues to cultural differences. It is a reality that the workplace is filled with people of different background and so, it would be beneficial to educate employees and prevent discrimination from occurring at work.

Sodexo believes in developing intellectual tools as well as emotional intelligence to improve trust and respect in a multi-cultural business. We should embrace differences and remind ourselves that non-verbal behaviors in the workplace differ from culture to culture and can be misinterpreted as a threat. A reminder to cancel out stereotypes and learn non-verbal behaviors such as eye contact and head nodding can help someone. Our interconnected world has brought a cross-cultural mix into our lives. This process brings a richness of experience and diversity, but also an unknown degree of difference and difficulty in communicating that can be uncomfortable and challenging.

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